Hip Hop Dance

TakeSomeCrime always so enjoyable to look at him dancing. A cool serie of videos by Yakfilms. No hip hop here but great performance Not a big fan of Taisuke’s style but this is a cool video Lia Kim a Korean Dancer that i like very much, not that much videos on her performance… Do you…

Mr Kiah Kiean’s Line Line Journey’s Book

Today i received the book of Kiah Kiean, a Malaysian artist. Delivery was really fast after i confirmed my order. I was going to unpacked right away after i received them but when i saw how it was packed, i repacked the envelope back because i really wanted to take time to unpack it nicely….

Books Review

Book Review : Genkinomoto smile and medicine くすりとほほえむ元気の素-レトロなお薬袋のデザイン [単行本(ソフトカバー)]