I love all form of dance.  Followed a french Contemporary Dance Company during 2 years in Paris where i was sketching and taking Pictures that i unfortunately can’t post  now since they are all in Paris . Hopefully i will post them later when travel back to Paris.
I would like to share videos and choreographers that i like the most here.

Catherine Berbessou Tango, Beautiful too bad the company don’t dance anymore, had the luck to meet them in person to take pictures and watched their shows mutliple time just wonderful.

Twins need less to mention how talented they are…

My chilhood…haha. I found that silly and cool to see these puppets dancing.

Genki Sudo who was a MMA Fighter/World Order

This cool guy(TakeSomeCrime)who i started to follow 3 years ago, check his cool moves on his youtube channel 🙂

This is a mix of Parkour and hip hop the guy has some crazy skills…

This Guy Maroon 5 has really great dance moves mixing, popping,shuffling, tectonic. You can follow him Here.

Saburo Teshigawara, so well danced and sensitive. I missed that show in Paris but i saw Miroku which is wonderful with an incredible minimalist scenography

Pina Bausch is certainly my favorite Choreographer and i had the luck to see 6 differents shows in Live when i was living in Paris. This one was just incredible…

Shazam! Certainly one of the most creative and beautiful choreography that i saw in my life.

Iris show that i saw this one twice in Paris at the Théâtre de Chaillot. Very beautiful. There is a DVD about this show a must buy…

Philippe Découflé is a very talented and creative choreographer. I watched most of his shows in Paris until i left for Beijing in 2006.

I love this one and the soundtrack is so nice.

BBoy Bailrok a promising talented Hip Hop dancer.

Beautiful Jookin by Lil’Buck

This one is very nice i like the timing here and how is it danced.

The Quick Crew, 3 Indian Guys living in Oslo and wearing Chinese Outfits when they perform…how original…

Lia Kim a Korean Dancer that i like very much, not that much videos on her performance…

Do you know Tutting? Here is a good nice one.

Wrecking Orchestra

Antoinette Goomis one of my favorite Hip Hop Dancer.

I like Lilou style very much , he's so talented and creative. Double World Champion at Red Bull BC.


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