Sweet Science/ Muay Thai Boxing

I discovered my love for Boxing in 2010, i started Muay Thai and in the middle i started picking up English Boxing aka Sweet Science which i favor for its beautiful body motion. I love to kick but in 2013 i focused myself on upper body to throw prettier and more accurate punches during 6 months.

I admire Floyd Mayweather’s boxing talent and skills very much. He’s really a reference for me when i go training. In Muay Thai, i have lot of admiration for Buakaw and Giorgio Petrosyan.
I will share the videos that i find the most inspiring to me. Sorry for the bad quality videos, i would have preferred to have them in HD but since it’s from Youtube, nothing i can do…

3 Kicks Technique from Saenchai

Lomachenko Triangle Theory

Jabs variations a good reminder to stay creative in the ring.

Golovkin and Canelo jabs technique break down

Mike Tyson…Sparring

Mike Tyson…always inspiring to see him in action.

JVanT’s impeccable technique…Fluidity, difficult that kind of flow when you are under pressure.

Lomachenko training

Ali’s beautiful footwork technique…”Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”

Great demo sparring between Buakaw and Sudsukorn while Saenchai is the referee…

Andre Ward, a great tactician, so much knowledge he’s giving here. The importance of the jab. George Foreman said: “If you can Jab then you can box.” I particularly like to sting the stomach and solar plexus.

Baxter Humby one arm boxer. Inspiring.

Cotto Mitts Workout

Good Power Muay Thai Kick

Dzhabar Askerov very nice training drill for motivation.

Mayweather’s beautiful Sweet Science techniques.

Mike Tyson is certainly one of the most inspiring boxer on this planet. Beautiful perfect techniques.

Joan Guzman has beautiful punching techniques.

Soushi’s Beautiful mitts workout

Soushi’s Beautiful mitts workout+ Kicks

A channel that i subscribed on Youtube quite some time ago, very inspiring and beautifully explained by JT VAn V

Beautiful Kyokushinkai Kick Technique

Tyson always impressive technically.

kick technique fromTyson ‘s training.


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