Cannabis Works 2 by Tatsuyuki Tanaka ( 田中達)


After 13 years the 2nd volume of Cannabis works artbook is finally here.

Landscape format book, 159 pages of great visuals

The book is just awesome as much as the first one. Tanaka’s drawing style is so easy to recognize. I like it very much, very stylish in my opinion.

Books start with one sketch and with the opposite page colored. Plenty of things to look at in Tanaka’s work. Books contains few pages of characters design. Some are kind of storyboard with some interesting climax. Few pages on weapon, Sci-fi design and gears design. Many illustration formats are vertical.

Almost no text, the book is 95% visuals , you can buy the book without any 2nd thoughts a “must-have”…It’s a very inspiring book that will give the motivation to become better at drawings.

Cannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p2.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p4.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p3.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p5Cannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p7Cannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p8.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p10Cannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p11.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p12.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p13.jpgDSCF9576.JPGCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p15.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p16.jpgCannabis Work 02 _DSCF9561 p17

You can buy the book here.I don’t get any money by the way…haha


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