The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley/世界一うつくしい昆虫図鑑

This is a stunning book in my opinion. Might not be that be stunning if you think about it ethically. I personally see this book  more as a tribute to Insects than just an act of killing insects for the sake of Art. Most people(including me sometimes) found bugs really repulsing. But here they are elevated as sculptures. If you love colors, shapes and textures this is surely an inspiring book for you. It took me only 5seconds to decide to buy it which doesn’t happen that often. Very unique book+i think Insects are quite fascinating when you go a bit further than their scary repulsing appearance. You can find more pictures on Link to buy the book at the end, i don’t earn anything form that link ijust put link to make it more convenient for people to find the book….

_DSF0328 Pheronmone Cover

_DSF0340 C w

_DSF0338 01_w1

_DSF0347 C w

_DSF0343 01 w1

_DSF0331 C w

_DSF0345 C w

_DSF0341 C1

_DSF0329 C w

You can buy it Here


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