Tableware as Life

This is the kind of book that  i really like. I found this one in Osaka when i was randomly visiting some streets.
The book is full of pictures with some really nice tableware as you can see below.
I love  Japanese ceramics and collect mostly bowl and tea cups.

When i just opened the book it was a no-brainer buy. Beautiful inspiring pics. Sorry i couldn’t widen up the
the book i didn’t want to damage the book by flatten it.
This book can be inspiring for food photographer.

Cover_DSF0556 wTableWareaslife_DSF0557 w6TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w7TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w5TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w3  TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w2TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w3 TableWareaslife_DSF0557 w4


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