About Dance…

I love all form of dance.  Followed a french Contemporary Dance Company during 2 years in Paris where i was sketching and taking Pictures that i unfortunately can’t post  now since they are all in Paris . Hopefully i will post them later when travel back to Paris. I would like to share videos and choreographers that i like the most here.

William Forsythe’s famous show: “In The Middle Somewhat Elevated” I saw this one at The Opera Garnier in Paris. Needless to say how impressive it was.

William Forsythe a great solo. Saw him performing in Paris, it was super stylish and amazing.

Saburo Teshigawara, one of my favorite Choreographer. I saw him twice in Paris. Memorable performance.

The Quick Crew, 3 Indian Guys living in Oslo and wearing Chinese Outfits when they perform…how original…

Lia Kim a Korean Dancer that i like very much, not that much videos on her performance…

Do you know Tutting? Here is a good nice one.

Antoinette Goomis one of my favorite Hip Hop Dancer.

I like Lilou style very much , he’s so talented and creative. Double World Champion at Red Bull BC.


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