Sweet Science and Muay Thai Boxing

I discovered my love for Boxing in 2010, i started Muay Thai and in the middle i started picking up English Boxing aka Sweet Science which i favor for it’s beautiful body motion. I love to kick but last year i focused myself on upper body to throw prettier and more accurate punches, i will focus more on kicking this year.

Slip then Jab like Tyson

Retreat Explosively like Mayweather

J Van T some nice videos and insights.

Some great Muay Thai Boxing videos from a channel i’m following

I admire Floyd Mayweather’s boxing talent and skills very much. He’s really a reference for me when i go training.

Rigondeaux beautiful boxing skills, just incredible footwork…


I have been in Japan numerous time and love to train there each time i travel. Techniques are precise and beautiful most of the time. I tried 2 Clubs and both were a blast technically speaking…

Some beautiful Japanese training skills.


A Kyokushinkai Kick that i would love to integrate in my Muay Thai kick, the mechanic looks almost the same than the Muay Thai Kick.


Giorgio Petrosyan is a fighter i admire very much for his quickness and effectiveness.



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